Lightworkers in Front

Lightworkers in Front

Facebook Group for Lightworkers that wish to stay on top of the ascension waves!

Lightworker in Front is a Facebook group that anyone who loves lightwork and deeply activation meditations can join!

At least twice a month I transmit live healing meditations of very high frequency, that completely transforms and upgrades our DNA and our cells to contain as much light as possible.

We are in a time period with rapid ascention from 3.rd to dimension or higher and so many new things are happening in our selves, our relations and in the outside world!

The incomming light and frequencies from our Sun and the Central Sun is of very higt intensity, and we are opening up to creation of a new world at a very high speed.

Once we work conciously with our upgrades and the transformation that is going on, the proces gets easier - and you have someone to share it with in this group!

Every month I share articles that relate to what's happening in our meditations, the time right here and now and if something special is relevant to share.

The price is 200 dkk/month (each meditation normally cost 150 dkk) and as a Lightworker in Front you get 25% discount on my workshops and my individual sessions with me.

You can leave the group any time you wish - I just need to know before the of each month.

The language is very understandable english and every meditation is available on replay aswell!

Please contact me if you are interested!

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